MSF Racing 2024 Set To Kick Off At Sepang

Malaysia Speed Festival Racing Series (MSF Racing) for 2024 kicks off this weekend 3 March 2024 at Sepang full circuit, marking the start of the biggest circuit racing event series in Malaysia for the year.

MSF Racing features 2 main series: MSF SuperTurismo is the touring car racing series, and MSF SuperBikes is a superbikes racing series. Both series run on the same day, providing a full day of intense racing action for fans and spectators. MSF Racing 2024 will feature a total of 6 rounds in 2024, with each round featuring a different challenge with different circuits and different race formats.

MSF Superturismo features the biggest touring car racing grids in Malaysia, with drivers from around the region vying to be crowned as Series champions including participating drivers from neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. others and.

For the 2024 season, MSF Superturismo will witness more formidable racing action where several new categories are contested with support and new sponsorship partners as a result of confidence in the MSF brand itself. The new categories are:

i) Vision-HKS GT86 x BRZ Racing Cup
ii) Rennplatz Standard Production MAX

These new categories were crafted to further modernize MSF SuperTurismo and to match contemporary racing and car modifications tuners interests whereby the GT86 / BR-Z platform is currently very popular as a performance enthusiast’s machine.

MSF SuperTurismo 2024 continues to be supported by its long-standing corporate partners:

i) Racing cars run exclusively on high-performance tires from the world’s leading brand Hankook Tires has been the official supplier of championship tires since 2017;
ii) EXN Lubricants continues with MSF SuperTurismo – now entering its 6th year with MSF.

MSF SuperBikes also sports a new category in MSF SuperSport – set up to match the interest and demand for mid-size engine capacity sports bikes. The series allows four-cylinder engines from 400 cc to 600 cc, three-cylinder engines up to 800 cc, and twin-cylinder power plants up to 955 cc. International-level riders are not permitted, allowing for new homegrown heroes to be born within this new MSF SuperBikes category.

The lap-time brackets formula for MSF SuperBikes which allows for riders of all skill levels to race has also been further fine-tuned for 2024, with allowances for lap-time improvements through the year as rider’s skills and performances improve as they gain racing experience through continued competition throughout the year.

MSF SuperBikes 2024 will maintain to run exclusive control tires with Pirelli, utilizing the Diablo Super Corsa V4 SC1 semi-slick tires and Diablo Superbike SC1 full racing slick tires in sizes and compounds that are the same as those used in the FIM SuperBike World Championship.

Consistent and continued variety is what keeps MSF Racing interesting as it drops into its 14th year:

i) MSF SuperTurismo 2024 round 1 opens with a 45-minute sprint race at the Sepang full circuit, where round 2 will race at the Sepang South Circuit half-track and round 3 at the Sepang North Circuit half-track both of which will run to 20-lap super-sprint races.

ii) MSF SuperBikes 2024 round 1 kicks off with two 5-lap super-sprint races at the Sepang full circuit, with round 2 at the Sepang North Circuit in June and a 20-lap sprint race. Access to the Grandstand for spectators and fans is free of charge throughout the weekend. Passes to the racing paddock are RM 35.00 and may be purchased at the paddock entrance.

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