Azroy Hakeem Makes Creates Victory After ‘DNF’ Race 1 & 2 in Buriram

Race 1 of Round 2 in the IDEMITSU FIM Asia Road Racing Championship at Zhuhai International Circuit maintained its electrifying pace, particularly in the fiercely contested SuperSport 600cc category. Azroy Hakeem Anuar of IDEMITSU Boon Siew Honda Racing Team emerged triumphant, solidifying his position atop the podium.

In an enthralling Qualifying session, Mohammad Adenanta Putra from ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM secured pole position with an impressive lap time of 1’36:890s, closely trailed by Azroy Hakeem Anuar at 1’37:069s and Apiwath Wongthananon of YAMAHA TEKHNE Racing Team Asia at 1’37:241s.

Azroy wasted no time seizing the lead as the race commenced, with Apiwath in close pursuit. At the second turn, Apiwath executed a bold maneuver to briefly take the lead, setting the stage for an intense battle at the forefront.

The race unfolded with a flurry of position swaps between Azroy and Apiwath. Despite relentless pressure from Apiwath, Azroy displayed unwavering determination, reclaiming the lead multiple times throughout the race.

On the fifth lap, a crash involving Rheza Danica Ahrens from ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM allowed Thanat Laoongplio from Honda Racing Thailand to advance to the fifth position.

As the race neared its conclusion, Azroy faced a formidable challenge from Apiwath, who made a spirited attempt to overtake him in the final lap. However, Azroy held firm and crossed the finish line in first place with a time of 19’36:159s, closely trailed by Apiwath in second with 19’36:542s, and Muhammad Helmi Azman from IDEMITSU Boon Siew Honda Racing Team securing third with 19’39:194s.

Reflecting on his victory, Azroy expressed gratitude and excitement, stating,

“I am speechless. After not finishing both Race 1 and Race 2 in the last round in Buriram, I was determined to complete the race this time. However, once the race began, I realized my pace was strong. Apiwath is a formidable opponent, and when he briefly overtook me at turn 6, I thought he might clinch the win. But I refused to yield easily, maintaining pressure to secure the victory. I am immensely grateful to my team for their efforts, and I aim to carry this momentum into tomorrow’s race 2.” – said Azroy


  1. Azroy Hakeem Anuar – IDEMITSU Boon Siew Honda Racing Team – 19’36:159s
  2. Apiwath Wongthananon – YAMAHA TEKHNE Racing Team Asia – 19’36:542s
  3. Muhammad Helmi Azman – IDEMITSU Boon Siew Honda Racing Team – 19’39:194s
  4. Mohammad Adenanta Putra – ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM – 19’44:968s
  5. Thanat Laoongplio – Honda Racing Thailand – 19’45:298s

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